ISS-IMAP is on the exposed facility (EF) of Japanese experimental module ‘Kibou’ on International Space Station.

Sharing one port of EF with other 4 missions including GLIMS for lightning observation, and engineering experiments.


ISS-IMAP will make imaging observation of the Earth’s upper atmosphere from exposed facility of international space station in visible-light and EUV with two sets of imagers, EUVI and VISI.







Extreme UltraViolet Imager:EUVI 

  • Resonant scattering: 83.4nm (O+),30.4nm (He+)
  • Observation in the day side and the night side
  • Limb observation in backward. FOV 15 deg.
  • Weight  19.3kg, Size 170 x 370 x 480 mm







Visible and Infrared Spectral Imager: VISI



  • Airglow 730nm (OH, Alt. 85km), 762nm (O2, Alt. 95km), 630nm(O, Alt. 250km)
  • Observation in the night side
  • Nadir observation: Two slits of forward and backward looking
  • Weight 14.5kg, Size 416 x 335 x 223mm