Three processes in the Earth's Upper Atmosphere

The objective of this mission is to clarify the physical mechanism of the following three processes: (1) energy transport process by the atmospheric structures whose horizontal scale is 50-500km in the upper atmosphere (2) process of the plasma transport up to 20,000km altitude (3) effect of the upper atmosphere on the space-borne engineering system.


Three parameters to observe

ISS-IMAP will measure the following three parameters in the lower latitude region than 50 degrees: (1) distribution of the atmospheric gravity wave in the mesopause (87km), the ionospheric E-region (95km), and the ionospheric F-region (250km) (2) distribution of the ionized atmosphere in the ionospheric F-region (3) distribution of O+ and He+ ions in the ionosphere and plasmasphere.



VISI will observe the airglow of 730nm (OH, Alt. 85km), 762nm (O2, Alt 95km), 630nm(O, Alt.250km) in the Nadir direction. EUVI will measure the resonant scattering of 30.4nm [He+] and 83.4nm [O+]. Its field-of-view is 15 degrees, and points the limb of the Earth to observe the vertical distribution of the ions.